When you need a creative output in pdf, powerpoint or word let me create you something tailored-made for you and  your needs. 

I have carefully researched and checked reviews for the places or attractions included in this Travel Plan as itinerary suggestions for my client.

This is my portfolio sample for PDF Presentations, Magazine-Style Layouts, Travel Plan Suggestions and the like 🙂





It’s More Than A Copper Mug Says Buxxu

Manhattan, New York – April 6, 2015 – It’s an epitome of excellence in craftmanship, according to Katy Gran owner of Buxxu. World’s leading manufacturer of Moscow Mule mugs.

32 year old Katy Gran inherited the business from her grandparents some 15 years now. Including the secrets of producing this product thats more than just a copper mug.

Competition has notably increased, online sellers have been growing by the second. “We are not a bit worried” says Ms. Gran of Buxxu.

“Buxxu is far ahead from it’s competitors. We are also a bit higher-priced than those in the market but our customers can attest to the fact it is also very WORTHIT !” says Ms. Gran.

Make the most of your Moscow Mule experience by simply sipping it with your very own Buxxu.

Katy Gran
3431 South Street,
Manhattan, New York
Ph: +1-800-1234



     When you are job hunting over the internet, you will see thousands of jobs available online. It’s a question of are you qualified to apply? As we read job postings, notice each of them include what employers look for in their applicants. The qualities that they want their employees to have in order to be considered for the position. 

But where do we put what we look for in employers? As a Writer, Researcher & VA for more than five years, I have encountered all sorts of them. When I say all sorts, I mean it, the good, the bad and the what not! After all the years of experience working online, you create a set of standards for your clients too. There are qualities of clients or employers that you would prefer when given the chance, right? Come on be honest. I know I have my own and I’ll share them to you.

RESPECT As an applicant you tend to be the most respectful person on the planet even if you’re not, right? Well, I look for respect simply because I respect my prospective clients and colleagues too. I respect their time, their position, their ideas, their terms, their wants and needs. I am optimistic they respect mine also.

COMMUNICATION This is a must for me and my ideal client. I get disappointed when my client doesn’t respond promptly or timely. I make it a point to keep my client posted specially when the project has started. Although during the application stage, I am thrilled when future employers take time out to acknowledge your email. Or when they reply timely about answers to my questions or clarifications about the job. It is my habit to make sure I also answer their questions promptly.

OPEN TO IDEAS OR BROAD-MINDED My perfect boss would be someone who also listens to employees not a dictator or tyrant. I won’t last a day working for someone who is all work and no play. There are a lot of ideas floating around that may or may not be helpful for the project at hand but it is worthwhile to hear it as well. In my experience, when you get to hear a good idea from someone else, your mind tends to work its magic and you eventually come up with a better idea or at the very least a better version of the idea you heard. Being open to ideas is a good sign that there can be room for creativity, suggestions, options or even solutions.

There are a lot more of these qualities that would make a perfect or ideal client or employer, but it depends on you. This is my opinion and I can go on enumerating a few more but nah! I’ll end this by saying this :

“If you see a good trait or quality from someone, reciprocate it or better yet pay it forward.”
Well, that’s just me 🙂


TAKING A BREAK 05/02/2010

All of us have a routine. Most of you would have the home work/school then home routine daily. Well, I have the good life 🙂 home and home LOL… As a virtual assistant, I work homebased and live a virtual world most of the time. Only my volunteer activities take me out of my humble abode. My 5×6 purple room is where I work and sleep. It is through my facebook that I met Istara Bon Gundry and her bestfriend Alexis Stanger.
Istara is one of the Philippine’s rising stars of GMA Network currently part of the “Take me Out” dating show at Channel 7. She is so cool and speaks Filipino too. Alexis is from LA and visiting her bestfriend, if you were to ask me, she should be a star too, and yes, I am calling the attention of our Network Talent Scouts… We got a live one! I have a feeling she is the one turning it down though LOL.
We went out together with Olga and the rest of my Kabalikat Family to Laiya Beach yesterday. A long ride with not much of an aircon since the weather was way too hot. Who cares though, we slept it off most of the way.
Spent the rest of the afternoon, walking with Istara and Alexis and playing with my fellow Kabalikat. It was a blast !! Really had a good time!
Since the beginning of this year, all I ever wanted is to take a break from the routines I have including the problems of life that seem to be popping out every so often. And taking a break was just what I needed and it is just what I did !!!!


Well, I am back to movie & series marathons while trying to pass time while taking a shot at forgetting the realities of Life.

Started out with the Back-up Plan starring J.Lo and that cool hunk (whew!) love it ! It has this realistic side to their lover’s quarrel midway not to mention the funny things you do when you are in love! Then I watched the Bounty Hunter which is great but didn’t really make me happy 😦 Then there is the Valentine’s Story which was an inter-twingling (whattaword!) movie LOL but I loved it! Specially Anne Hattaway’s other job! hahahah Then I figured it was a Tuesday and my 2nd set of fave series were on Axn…Leverage, NCIS: LA, and 24 !!! Woohoo! loved everysecond watching it! Leverage keeps it cool as always trying to get even with other people’s business! NCIS: LA was about social networking and eric having his 1000 facebook friends well I have 685 i think and happy with it! Btw, Eric the computer guy was really proud of it and apparently it does matter even to National Security lol.. 24 came up next and need I say anything more about Jack Bauer?? Wow!

Last but not the least I spent most of time doing a marathon for Season 2 & 3 of CHUCK ! Zachary Levi is one hell of a spy 🙂 I love his funny ways and friends too! Can’t wait to find out if I am missing more seasons than what we have here in the Philippines… Enough of me blabberring about these movies and series on tv gotta get back to working… Youtube Star hunting!  CIAO !!!

MONEY — HOW HARD IS IT TO FIND??? 04/18/2010

Some people know where to find money.  Some people just have the luck like winning it in a poker table.   Some are too tired to complain from working 20hours a day just to have food at the table and extra money to relax. Some have sacrificed their wants and became a doctor, now getting paid so high  just to tell their patients what they already know and write off a prescription. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against doctors. It was just an example 🙂

Some people work their selves to death to find jobs they want and eventually finding one which is still not to their liking. Can people really get satisfied with what they have??? There are some people who are blessed to be born with a gold spoon, and does not even take a look at their bank account, and still enjoy shopping. I know someone who has worked hard to become someone she really wants to be (Or not?!), got it and getting highly paid for it. Kudos.

Talking to my life guru (who happens to be a friend a very successful businessman) gave me sleepless nights. I asked his advice on the business I wanted to put up. He gave me very good ideas which are really questions I need to answer before swimming in  deep waters also called the business world.  I am a little bit confused as to1 what to do as I have a lot of ideas here in my head…. Now I am thinking, make use of what I have which is this website, hence, the business section….



I have been searching for Youtube Stars for almost 2 weeks now and still no luck. Today, I tried talking about it in the main room chat… got some attention but still no takers..

Is it really this hard to find youtube stars who would agree to promote our site/team?? If I had 10,000 hits on my channel I would not let such an opportunity pass me by… Imagine all you gotta do is promote us and you get paid a whooping $1000 US Dollars!! Whew! Who wouldn’t want that???  Oh I think forgot to mention it was monthly as long as you keep promoting us.

Let me know if you are interested ok?

INSOMNIA 02/05/2010

iNSOMNIA. How do you actually get cured? Or is it really a sickness that you would want to be healed from? Well, I have spent a lot of times being sleepless or short of it. It is now that I truly find it a blessing! 🙂 I am able to take on jobs online and have peace while working homebased. Since everybody is asleep. What else can I ask for? A few days ago, I found myself staring at my unread novels, I had 8 books shelved since I got addicted to the cyber world. I read one from Lawrence Block and as always I find him funny and amusing. I miss my Nero Wolfe collection though. Anyway, the book was very entertaining. This burglar series is about Bernard Rodenbarr who happens to be a great thief who is intelligent, witty and owned an old used bookstore. Love it as usual.

What else can I say about my Insomnia??? Hmmmm I am kind of lost for words right now, but I will be back 🙂


I am currently doing a powerpoint presentation for a friend who needs to have his outsourcing options. I am in between jobs right now so I decided to have a productive day.( Well yeah, I do have 2 Project Management jobs active and 3 interviews pending 🙂 ) But I find doing this power point a good way to exercise some skills. I have included an option for him to consider doing his outsourcing thru odesk and I am at this point of laying out the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. I started to do some blog research and came across 2 well written blogs….http://www.homeofficewarrior.com/home-office/home-office-advantages-disadvantages-conversation this was written by Grant Griffiths and also another one from Beverly Lee athttp://smallhomebusiness.suite101.com/article.cfm/home_based_business_advantages they basically point out the same thing. Working homebased is not an easy job. Pro’s and Con’s stare you in the face, yet I guess what really matters is how much you enjoy doing this kind of job. I have been working home-based thru odek since November technically and really enjoying it!

WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS!!!  01/31/2010

I lost my phone this evening. And it has only been a matter of hours since I realized it was missing but still, I can’t accept the fact that I lost it. I had a Blackberry Tour 9630, a dream phone of mine, it is not even a month old. I can’t help but cry thinking about it. The phone is replaceable but what hurts me is losing the numbers I had for quite awhile and all my contacts are in there. Now I have to get a new number, that sucks!

A few weeks ago my laptop was going crazy. It hangs as if I have all day to wait for it to reload. I had to refrain from applying as often as I did the previous weeks and even overlooked my tasks for a valued client. What is happening to me? I do my best to think positive everyday. I try to do volunteer work as often as I could. But here I am beset with mishaps. I am going to try to sleep and rest and start a new day tomorrow.

I am just so sad right now….


The idea of hanging 200 feet or so above the ground was appealing but with it came Fear. It was exciting to think about it, yes, then after a few seconds of silence, you begin to be doubtful. Questions start pouring in…will the harness hold? can it really carry my weight? will I throw up in the air? puking? hell no! Gross thoughts start to attack the bravery I had in me. A few meters away at the ticket booth and joined by 2 friends (Joanne 3495 and Maki 3490, fellow officers with my Kabalikat family) I was starting to be embraced by the feeling of hesitation. I was seeing people being thrown and strapped to the harness then they push you and leave you clinging for dear life. Ok, here I am minutes away and started searching for the guts I had in me. I am no “cream puff” I am so doing this! Thinking it is no different from going on the loops of the old Revolution Roller Coaster Ride at Six Flags! Woohoo I find myself taking the steps on to Station 2, a brief discussion with the zipline staff, seeing Joanne strapped and it is time! I was carried feet first and holding on to the rope for steadiness, all strapped in!! There is no turning back!!! Here we go! The shouts, screams and @/!?  were all over the place with me and Joanne side by side up in the air, then realizing it wasn’t as tough as I imagined it to be…I HAD THE BEST 20seconds or so OF MY LIFE!!!!!

In 100 words or so… persuade us to visit your town

Los Banos is known to be the Science & Nature city of the Philippines. You will enjoy visiting our scenic spots and natural habitats. Our university town is located in the famous Mt. Makiling. There are also a lot of International offices inside the UPLB Campus,  such as the International Rice Research Institute is known for its modern discoveries about Rice. Los Banos is also where the National Arts Center and Philippine High School for the Arts, are where notable Philippine artists have studied and mastered their craft. Los Banos, though comparatively small compared to neighboring cities have town malls and cinemas too.  With diverse population from students and professionals from all over the world, the common language to get around is English.


Hey there! I’m Melba aka Melbz 34-31 to my KABALIKAT CIVICOM family. Kabalikat Civicom is a non-stock, non-profit civic organization based in the Philippines geared in helping the community during disasters & emergencies. We are volunteers and 31 is my numerics or callsign for more than two decades now. 🙂

Aside from being a volunteer, I have been working online & home-based for more than five years now. I had paused for a year or two and when I decided to work again, I found it so difficult to get back on track. I had lost my account information for the sites I needed even my email 😦 So I had to re-establish my online career and start building my web presence. My Facebook was always there and accessible so I just had to update it. Then I concentrated on Google. Yep! registered for a google plus account and worked on other sites like twitter, onlinejobs.ph, and found Elance-oDesk which is my current company. At Elance I get to apply with 40 connects (as they call it) for jobs. I used it up in a week and got myself a client. Got paid $150 in less than a week. Nice huh? I go for Freelance or fixed projects. I still do job hunting everyday finding myself in different sites that might just get me a client and earn some much needed $$$. I am midway from publishing my new website but WordPress just kept ringing in my head. I had to give it a try, why not? I am determined to boost my online identity anyway. Building up my online career and credibility is not an easy task, I would even say very time consuming but I got to do it.

My job hunting brought me to apply to writing jobs ( not to mention research and Virtual Assistance jobs too! ) and each one of them kept asking for a work sample or an article I have done to show and prove I have the skill. I lost access to most of them and some of which I have, are no longer mine to show for. I usually sign Non-Disclosure Agreements or transfer my rights like a ghost writer for articles I’ve written before. So I thought I might as well keep a site where I can point everyone one of them. Bright idea huh? LOL And since I like variety and I don’t really go for routine jobs. I thought of having a different name for my website. As I am full of ideas and my creative mind just won’t stop I decided on CREATIVENEST31. After all, this is literally going to be my creative nest and I am 31, hence the name.

~~~M E L B Z 3 4 3 1~~~